Wyoming Unclaimed Property Funds Higher Than Ever

Despite record amounts of payments in recent years, the unclaimed property division of the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office currently holds more money than ever before, with the current amount standing at $ 100 million.

Wyoming law states that properties that have reached the required dormancy period must be reported by November 1 of each year. Because of this requirement, October and November are traditionally the months when the most money, securities and other goods are handed over.

Those interested in knowing if any of the state-owned properties are owed to them are encouraged to watch the 2-minute instructional video at www.mycash.wyo.gov before searching the online database.

Thanks to the $ 3.54 million deposited in October and an additional $ 3.91 million deposited so far in November, the amount of money held by the state has swelled to more than $ 100.6 million.

Unclaimed property is returned when a business, agency or government entity owes money, securities or the contents of a safe, among others, to someone and for any reason whatsoever, cannot locate the owner for a specified length of time. The property is returned to the State of the last known address. If there was no last known address, it is returned to the State in which the company was incorporated.

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