With property valuation issues resolved, will protests drop? Buffalo County Assessor running a seven-step program to improve the process. | Local News


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The appraiser’s office determines the tax value of various properties, including houses, buildings, and land. The assessment then helps determine the amount of property tax owed to support schools, cities, county and other government subdivisions.

Umpires heard 1,987 protests in 2019. Decreasing that number in 2020 may depend on how many valuation issues Skinner’s office has resolved between protest seasons.

In February, the assessor’s office sent 21,400 notices of preliminary assessments to property owners in Buffalo County to inform them of the current assessed value of their property. The notices invited them to contact the assessor’s office if there were any errors in the assessment. The mailing included 11,605 notices for residential properties; 7,900 for agricultural properties, rural areas and subdivisions; and 1,895 for commercial properties.

A total of 3,730 property owners responded after receiving their notices, and Skinner’s office made appraisal corrections on 2,000 of those properties.

“It was a pretty good turnout. Hopefully we’ve got things fixed permanently, ”Skinner said.

She said the 2,000 corrections resulting from the February notices could help reduce the number of protests that start in about six weeks. The fixes made in February benefit landowners, Skinner said, because they are “permanent.”


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