Willmar City Council meets behind closed doors to discuss possible sale of land in industrial park – West Central Tribune

WILLMAR – There’s a mystery in the Willmar Industrial Park. An anonymous end user is interested in purchasing over 50 acres in the park, practically above the location of the old airport.

Willmar City Council met behind closed doors on Monday evening to develop or consider offers or counter-offers for the sale of the city-owned property. Seven parcels on the west side of the industrial park are under consideration.

Willmar director of planning and development, Judge Walker, in emails with the West Central Tribune, said a nondisclosure agreement was in place and there was not much he could share. about the potential project or business, only that someone was interested in the property.

Less mysterious is the land the city might be interested in buying.

The state is interested in selling lots on the southeast side of Swan Lake. This land is currently used for recreation, such as Nordic skiing.

The Willmar Nordic Ski Club is asking the city to eventually purchase the land from that state and keep it open for recreational use.

“The area, it’s beautiful. It’s got woods, it’s quite scenic,” said David Moody, founder of the ski club. He asked the city to submit a letter of interest to the state.

Council met in a second closed session to discuss the potential purchase of the land.

In an email to the West Central Tribune on Thursday, Walker said the city will send a letter of interest to the state.