What to do before a property appraisal


If you are considering selling your home, the first step is to determine what price it will sell for. We urge you to receive a professional appraisal of the value of your property, especially since few real estate agents like Leaders offer a free pre-sale appraisal service known as “appraisal”. To know the precise valuation of your property, request a free real estate appraisal with Leaders. Also, when you are considering selling there are some steps you need to take to get the most out of your review. Read on to find out more

Do your homework

You can do some research before an agency visits the property to do the appraisal. Websites like Zoopla and Rightmove allow you to research the selling prices of properties already sold in your neighborhood, giving you a rough indication of the price at which your home could sell.

Get rid of the clutter!

A good old-fashioned spring cleaning can completely transform the look of your home. Tidying up and getting rid of unnecessary clutter allows an appraiser to see the entire property and gives them the best idea of ​​your home’s value.

Be careful outside the property

It’s easy to overlook the exterior aspects of your home, but they’re often the first impression a potential buyer will have. To get the best price, keep outdoor areas clean and tidy.

Preparation is crucial

Make a list of questions you would like to ask the real estate agent expert before they come to see your house. If you have made any changes or improvements to the property, let the appraiser know. Experts will take into account, among other things, the price at which you bought the property, so knowing what has been done to improve the property since then will help them determine an accurate value.

Go straight to the point

All real estate agents charge different fees, but that’s not necessarily because they do more for you! Seek clarification from your agent on what they will do to advertise your home, how this marketing program will increase your visibility to potential buyers, and a documented breakdown of all selling costs. This allows you to compare comparable properties and select the most suitable real estate agent for your needs.

How to present your house

Allow the appraiser to take a full look at the property. You don’t have to “sell” the property to the appraiser; they’re just trying to figure out how much it will sell for on the open market. Save your questions for the end of the evaluation; the agent may have answered most of them already by the time you get there!

Allow a lot of time

For each assessment meeting, allow about an hour of free time. Each agency is unique, so make sure you’ve covered all of your bases before signing on the dotted line!

Be honest with yourself.

Everyone wants their home to be valued as much as possible. It is the expert’s responsibility to provide you with the most accurate estimate of the value of your property on the open market under current market conditions. If you don’t agree with the price, ask the agent to explain why; they should be able to provide similar data to support their claim.

Increase the amount of natural light in the room

If a property has a lot of natural light, this is something that real estate agents like to highlight on many real estate listings. To fill your home with the beautiful rays of the sun, however, you don’t need huge dual-aspect windows. To greatly improve the look of your home’s interior, just make sure all of your curtains and blinds are open and nothing is blocking the windows on your property.

Plant a few flowers.

To follow up on the last tip, try trimming the hedges in front of your windows to let more light into the house while keeping the outdoor space tidy. You can still add color with a variety of flowers, cut the lawn, paint worn fences, and move any cars that obstruct the view of the property to help clean up your yard and make your home look good. outside. A clean outdoor space serves to showcase your home maintenance, letting guests know that the property has been well taken care of, in the same way as beautifying the interior.


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