What are the latest FBR property valuation rates 2022

What are the latest FBR property valuation rates 2022

What are the latest FBR property valuation rates 2022:. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) publishes real estate valuation rates for different cities in Pakistan. These RBF property valuation rates are close to market rates in these cities. Separate SROs are issued by FBR, for each city’s updated FBR property assessment rates. SRO contains the following information:

  • Assessment by area (place, city, circle, roadside area, market area, shopping area)
  • Value of commercial property per Marla (in rupees)
  • Value of residential property by Marla (in rupees)

What is the difference between RBF Property Appraisal Rates and DC Rates

FBR issues its property valuation rates which are close to the fair market values ​​of commercial and residential properties in different cities. Whenever FBR determines these rates, appropriate teams are appointed to obtain information and data on actual property rates. Then these suggested rates are published by FBR for stakeholder comments. Whenever all stakeholders are in agreement, RBF property valuation rates are ultimately issued through SROs.

DC rate, which is used for stamp duty purposes and at this rate the property is registered with the property registration authorities.

Types of real estate valuation

Real estate is sometimes valued in three different ways:

  • DC tariff is used for stamp duty calculation purposes. Additionally, at this rate, the property is also registered with property registration authorities, such as LDA, KDA, etc.,
  • RBF Property Valuation Rate; This is a fair market value of the property at which the amount of withholding tax is calculated based on their “applicant” and “non-declarant” status, like Income tax when buying a property subsection 236K.
  • The real market rate, at this rate the property purchase/sale transaction is made. It is normally greater than the DC tariff and RBF Property Valuation Rate.

What are the income tax rates and property registration fees

At the time of registering properties with the registration authorities, the following taxes and duties are charged:

Type Base Payed by Applicant Assess Non-declarant Assess
Stamp duty CD prices Buyer 1% 2%
Income tax on purchase – 236K RBF values Buyer 2% seven %
Income tax on sale – 236C Gross consideration received Seller 2% 4%

RBF Property Valuation Tables for Major Cities in Pakistan

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) previously released property valuation tables for all major cities in Pakistan. These FBR property assessment rates for tax calculation have been determined by FBR and real estate stakeholders.

You can access the valuation tables below:

RBF Property Valuation Rate