Upgrading Otter Tail County Property Valuation and Sales Data to New Web App – Perham Focus

Otter Tail County has a new website app for property appraisals and sales. The public can find out how the property is valued. Reporters, abstractors, lawyers and surveyors can use it for regular real-time information updates.

Property value and sales information is now updated by staff in the Assessor’s Office and directly uploaded to the CAMA website on a more regular basis for the public to view online. In addition to regular updates, the county’s GIS map is integrated into the website.

Users will also find a new sketch feature that shows an exterior model of the building with dimensions. The public can access the information by simply clicking “GIS Maps” on the county’s home page at



Next, click on the “GIS Web Application” map and hover over the area you want to select. Valuation information can be found under CAMA and sales data.

“We are pleased to be able to provide the public with appraisal and sales information that is updated more regularly while providing it in a more usable format,” said Kevin Scheidecker, Assistant Appraiser. “The new website will allow us to provide better service to our customers.”

Valuation information has always been public information. Changes to data presentation aim to increase efficiency within the assessor’s office, share weekly updated information with users, and improve existing features for accessing public information.

For more information, call the department at 218-998-8010.