Tunnel Collapse Concerns: Richlisters vs. City Rail Link in Land Valuation Tribunal


Construction of the City Rail Link Karangahape Station is well advanced. Video link / urban train

A company owned by Auckland’s wealthy Friedlander family is taking action on compensation offered for commitments on properties needed for the $ 4.4 billion City Rail Link.

The specter of tunnel collapses, fires and disasters in

“CRL says $ 39,000 in compensation has already been paid and that Samson Corporation was now exercising an option under an agreement to seek additional compensation. CRL does not believe that the decision on this preliminary issue will have a significant impact on the future hearing. The court has yet to set a date for the hearing, ”Sweeney said.

The claim would have no impact on the project schedule or the overall project budget, Sweeney pointed out.


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