TRDA Approves Land Sale, Takes More Steps to Develop Park

June 17 – The directors of the Tahlequah Regional Development Authority, at a meeting on June 15, approved the sale of several portions of land.

CBRE’s Alex Powell presented a proposal to the Board regarding the marketing, listing and sale/lease of land at Tahlequah Business Technology Park. The board was asked to consider partnering with CBRE to move forward with recruiting companies to the park.

CBRE’s initial plans are to schedule a meeting to clarify mission objectives and timelines, commit their resources to generate marketing materials and submit them to TRDA for comment and approval, and develop targeted marketing lists for regional users. , national and international.

CBRE would like to correspond and visit with interested groups as the commercialization process continues. TRDA would receive monthly marketing reports.

The board met in executive session to discuss the valuation and/or sale of four different portions of land within the business and technology park. These were approved, along with the purchase of property at 106 W. Shawnee St. and 110 W. Shawnee St.

During his chairman’s report, CEO-Chairman Nathan Reed said the TRDA Trust Indenture is progressing with Hilborne and Westfall. TRDA worked with Provalus on an acceptable incentive package.

The directors accepted the TRDA budget for the next financial year.

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The next meeting of the Tahlequah Regional Development Authority will be Wednesday, July 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.