The time of the decision on the sale of the land of a health and well-being center

TODAY is the time to decide on the sale of land which will help determine the future of Teignmouth Health and Wellness Centre.

Teignbridge councilors will be asked at their full council meeting to approve the sale of the town center land in Brunswick Street, Teignmouth, to Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust,

This would be the site of the new health and wellness center for the city and surrounding area.

Council have been working with the NHS on proposals to set up a health and wellness center on the site and subject to councilors deciding today, the sale of the land has now been agreed. The new center would go through the usual planning process.

The NHS had previously submitted a planning application for a health and wellness center on another part of the same regeneration site on Brunswick Street.

In a press release from Teignbridge Council and NHS Devon, a spokesperson said: ‘The revised layout allows for a better layout of the new health and wellness center for the town.

“The existing surface car park and adjacent former Bobbets garage will be sold as part of the package, which will mean the closure of the Brunswick Street car park.

“To make up for this Councilors will also be asked to approve the budget to create a new car park next to the site, and these, alongside the additional spaces created in the nearby Eastcliffe car park, will replace spaces lost as part of land cession.’

Councilor Richard Keeling, Executive Member for Property and Assets, said: ‘The sale of this site will enable the NHS to provide a health and wellbeing center in Teignmouth to enable local communities to access a range services for their health needs.

“This development will also pump up the area, not only regenerating the site itself, but also attracting a huge foreign investment opportunity, improving the area for local residents and visitors.

“It has been a positive collaboration with the NHS to provide a modern and accessible healthcare center in the center of a thriving seaside town.”

Liz Davenport, chief executive of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said: ‘We are really delighted to be working with the council on the delivery of a new health and wellbeing center for Teignmouth.

“If approved by the council, the purchase of this site by the NHS is an important step in this development.

“We know that car parking is a particular concern for local people and this has been clearly recognized in the proposal.”

Channel View Medical Group Partner Dr Carlie Karakusevic said: “The new center will play a key role in safeguarding the future of general practice care in Teignmouth.

“We can see real benefits to patient care because services are in one place and staff from different organizations and different disciplines can work together as one team to provide appropriate joint care to local populations.”