The future of the trailer park uncertain with the imminent sale of the land

Pine Ridge in city hands after taxing backlogs

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The City of Timmins is preparing to unload the Pine Ridge Trailer Park through a tax sale, but not the mobile homes located on the property.

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The decision was made at the October 12 city council meeting after a presentation by Natalie Moore, the city’s chief financial officer and treasurer.

“The trailer park (located at 4133 Highway 101 West) in question fell into tax zones and was registered for tax purposes (October 22, 2020),” she said.

“Now we come to the point where we can sell this property as part of a tax sale, but it’s a little different with a trailer park because we are asking council to approve a bylaw that would distinguish the land for sale. of the individual. mobile homes, which are not for sale.

“So we want to make sure that whoever is bidding on this property knows that they are buying the land and not the mobile homes themselves.

“They remain the property of the individual owners.

Moore said the distinction will also be noted in advertisements informing the public of the tax sale.

The repayment period ends one year after the date of the tax registration, after which it must be announced for five weeks, resulting in a sale date of November 30, 2021.

Ward 5 Council. Cory Robin wanted to know if the potential buyer should keep it as a trailer park or if he could use it for other purposes.

Moore said: “There is no obligation for them to do it, no.”

Robin asked, “Would it be better if we put it in there, so we don’t have to worry about all those mobile homes leaving?” “

Moore said, “When it comes to a tax sale, you can’t impose requirements. They buy the land as is.

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“In the future, if they wanted to change the structure or if there are mobile homes there, I think it would be at the discretion of the owners. “

Robin continued, “I guess I’m suddenly worried that a group of people with trailers will find themselves without land to put them on. I guess that’s my concern.

District 1 Council. Rock Whissell shares a similar concern regarding the potential sale of the property.

“I just want to know how many trailers are on this property and if someone is buying this property how many people would have to move their trailers, relocated to another area,” he said.

City Clerk Steph Palmateer said: “I think there are currently 18 trailers on the property, or 18 lots available. I don’t know if they are all full.

“Just to address both of your concerns, the reason we think we’re going to be successful in a tax sale is because of those mobile homes out there.

“They are a guaranteed source of income for the intended buyer, which would provide them with income while they try to bring the property down to an acceptable level.

“The other thing is that it would be a long process that someone would have to go through not only to change the zoning for another use but also for the landlord-tenant court and that process would take a long time.

“It’s not like somebody can buy this on the day of the sale and go kick everyone out the next day.

“It just wouldn’t happen. “

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