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Steadfast invests in a company, real estate valuation advice

22 November 2021

Steadfast Group has completed an investment in Robertson & Robertson Consulting Valuers, an independent NSW valuation and advisory firm specializing in business and real estate.

The listed brokerage network indicates that it has also set up Steadfast Valuation Services to strengthen its “all risk” service offering, providing Steadfast brokers with access to a resource to ensure clients are properly protected in an increasing environment. rapid asset value.

Steadfast claims that Robertson & Robertson’s valuation expertise complements the Xenia discretionary mutual fund managed by the Steadfast Risk group.

It will provide an alternative risk transfer solution for hotel customers, Steadfast said.

In the same announcement last week, Steadfast said it has entered into a new syndicated credit agreement in the amount of $ 660 million to support potential acquisitions.

“As part of the normal course of business for Steadfast Group, Steadfast Group is actively evaluating other potential acquisition opportunities, particularly in the Steadfast network,” the statement said.

“The new loan facility provides Steadfast Group with unused borrowing capacity of $ 315 million.

“These, along with available cash, are intended to be used to fund the previously announced Trapped Capital Project pipeline and other acquisitions in fiscal year 22.”