Sin City Metaverse Land Sale Sold In Under Two Hours, Fetching $ 3.5 Million


Sin City: Another virtual land sale is slated for February. And that should be as obnoxious as the last sale.

The R-classified metaverse the city of sin organized a virtual sale of “land” last December. Bringing together millions, the sale broke brains across the globe as people wondered why humans would buy virtual real estate. Meh, fortune favors the daring.

The digital filth extravagance has reaped big rewards for creators. Which is a nice job if you can get it. Best of all, homeowners don’t even have to mow the lawns or put up with annoying tenants. The price of the land? 4,000 INS per package (approximately $ 900 at time of writing).

So who appropriates virtual land in this initial land offer (OIT)? Why don’t they buy real land? DEAR GOD WHY DON’T THEY BUY REAL LAND?

The speculators of the city of sin

Speculators in this part of the metaverse are as brave as hell … as are the early punters who bought bitcoin early on. This is spicy gaming at its best.

It is clear that bravery is not for everyone. Maybe one day we’ll come back to this event of the future and ask what made man buy digital dirt. But if the speed of “land” sales is to be taken into account, this might be the best idea the Metaverse speculators have ever had. Early risers and all that. Also something about location, location, location. All the clichés apply here.

For these investors, selling the land was just another way to speculate. This “real estate” could be worth a bomb in the future. Compared to what you could lose in real estate markets, $ 930 in virtual land almost seems like a wise investment. And we’ve all seen real-world house prices go wrong. Take the Celtic-Tiger real estate crashfor example. That one stung the speculators like hell. Some of us are still red from the experience. Sometimes real estate sucks. At least you are immersed in vice in this world.

The game connection

As for the buyers of Metaverse lands, there may be method in their folly. Selling land in Sin City is a little different from other metavers. The plots are connected to the NFT game which is currently in development. This means that landowners will have advantages in terms of survival and earning potential in the Sin City game environment.

Cities (built on serious wickedness) are the key to this game to win. Participants can build their kingdom and commit crimes to become the ultimate KingPin. Although this metaverse isn’t for your standard Karen. It’s full of violence and gore. But hey, on the upside, you can invite your friends over to play as well – if you have them. They can help you or steal all of your stuff. That’s what friends are for.

The developers say Sin City works around the native token, $ SIN. “This is the in-game currency used on the gaming model to win based on various underworld activities. It plays out in the vast metaverse of 15,000 plots of land made up of some of the world’s most exuberant cities, ranging from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the carnival city of Rio de Janeiro.

If you rent or buy land, you can build your empire. It helps players create more income generating assets. Trading takes place in the Sin City Market, where NFTs can be bought and sold.

Sin City: balaclavas

In December, 15,000 plots passed under the hammer. They were divided into 17 districts. Each of them has its own storyline and gameplay. But the most important thing to know is whether the hood is a low security zone or a high security zone. Selling your way out of a bad hood and getting into a good hood is probably the purpose.

Being that this is an R rated game, the Red Light District was of course one of the first to sell. The hot list also included the Cartel District and the Chinatown District. And let’s not forget the Strip District. There are many places where sin can happen in this metaverse.

If you fancy buying from this land sale, the next auction party will be in February. Investors who participated in the first round of land sales can also resell their properties at this time. Hope they have renovated the properties with art and with stunning taste. But it is a metaverse of sin. You can probably also have crackhouse experience. It’s definitely better online than in real life.

Multiple income streams don’t stop there. The creators of Sin City will also sell licenses to landowners who have the desire to undertake to set up businesses on their properties. It generates $ SIN at its best.

All of this speculation is shrouded in flaw. So much vice. And let’s all admit that sin is pretty much just another fun word.

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