Today, loan companies have a very wide spectrum of services. Sometimes you can even hear about loans for PES. However, are such offers fair? Is it worth using them? And if not, what are the real alternatives? If you are interested in issues related to a personal loan, be sure to read this article.

Does personal loan even exist?

personal loans

Non-bank loan companies meet the needs of customers. They offer a lot of amenities – today you can take a loan “on ID card” or even “on the phone”. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily take out a loan.

Despite these facilities, a personal loan does not exist. Of course, some non-bank loan companies may also require you to provide a personal number, but it is impossible to get a loan by providing only that number. If you meet a company that offers such services, you should be extremely careful. There are many companies on the market that offer quick, non-bank loans, so it’s not worth risking when looking for loans for PESL.

It’s worth noting that taking a loan for ID is very easy. Filling out the application takes a few to several minutes. Of course, it is key to fill it with the correct data, one of the most common reasons why non-bank companies reject the loan application is just the wrong application. If the data is incorrect, the loan will not be granted.

Phishing and theft of personal data and taking out a loan

personal loans

Many people today guard their documents, but personal data can be phishing or stolen in many ways. Impersonating employers, creating fake websites – there are many possibilities.

However, can anyone take a loan with your details such as ID card series and number, place of residence, personal identification number? Of course, this possibility cannot be ruled out, but loan companies ensure the safety of their clients and minimize the risk of such situations. To this end, it is carried out, among others verification of customer identities. There are many ways to do it, the two most popular are:

– Verification transfer – this is the most commonly used method. It consists in transferring one zloty or a penny to the lender’s account. With this simple action, the customer proves that he has access to the account provided in the form.

– Phone verification – here just a person from the loan company calls the person submitting the application and verifies the data. In addition to confirming the information from the application, the borrower may be asked to provide additional data that will confirm his identity.

Sometimes there may be a verification by courier, where the contract is signed in physical form to the customer. During the visit, the courier checks the customer’s data with those in the application and if they agree, the customer can sign the contract.

How to check the loans taken out?

personal loans

Most often, various types of personal data phishing are used to take out loans. If you want to make sure that you have not incurred any obligations, you can check it using the BIK report. It contains information about how many loans you have. In addition, BIK reports give you the opportunity to obtain information about whether someone asked about your data.

However, if you are afraid that someone may take out a loan for you in the future, it is worth running Bik Alerts. They are used to inform you about any attempt to take out a loan or credit for your data by SMS (or e-mail if you choose this option). The service works 24/7, i.e. it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember to inform both the lender and the police about every attempt to extort your personal data.