Sale of Scarborough swimming pool land will be subject to further scrutiny by councilors

Scarborough Borough Council’s decision to sell a former indoor swimming pool site to a developer is to be further reviewed by one of the authority’s oversight committees.

The sale of the land, which received council cabinet approval in principle on July 26, will be reviewed by the Premises and Futures Oversight and Review Committee due to “due process” concerns.

At an upcoming special meeting of the review committee on September 1, members will ‘determine whether to recommend to the cabinet to change its decision’ on the sale of the old swimming pool which is currently to be converted into a four-star hotel. by HQ Hotels.

The former indoor swimming pool is proposed to house a £15 million 100-bedroom hotel, part of the council’s North Bay masterplan.

The ‘executive decision appeal’ was requested by four Scarborough borough councilors who said they had ‘concerns that the property was being sold without being marketed adequately to raise the sum as high as possible”.

The appeal was proposed by Cllr Heather Phillips and seconded by Cllrs Clive Pearson, Mike Cockerill and Phil Trumper who also suggested that “due process was not followed”.

Opposition advisers added that they were “also concerned that consent was not given by the NYCC” in relation to the relevant requirements.

At its July meeting, the Scarborough Cabinet of Council decided to provide “in principle and final approval of the sale of the former indoor swimming pool site on the terms primarily contained in the private and confidential appendix to this report “.

It also agreed that it would “limit the receipt of capital related to the sale of the site for the delivery of the North Bay Master Plan”.

The terms contained in the confidential appendix have not been made public.

Scarborough businessman Nick Thomas MBE approached the council to develop the site privately through his company Qdos Entertainment and New HQ Hotels.

According to a report presented to the cabinet on July 26, “the officers and the HQ Hotels have agreed on the principle of the conditions for the transfer of the site for use as a hotel with annexed parking”.

As part of its master plan, Scarborough Council has set itself the goal of attracting hundreds of thousands more visitors each year through new ‘adrenaline experiences’ and ‘four star plus’ hotels.

At the July 26 meeting, Cllr Carl Maw said he was initially “apprehensive” about the plans, but said he thought the hotel would be “a destination in its own right” and ” will not be in competition” with other types of hotels. in Scarborough.

Scarborough Council’s Places and Futures Review and Review Committee will decide at its September 1 meeting whether or not to oppose the transaction.