Sale of land for Nav


An attractive plot of land will be auctioned off in April next year, to help raise the million dollar appeal for the Navorina retirement home.

The block was donated by Debbie and Neville Purtill and is located at the corner of Crispe and Wick streets in East Deniliquin. up to 30 articles in total. Mr Purtill, a local businessman and current president of Navorina, said the land has been vacant and underutilized since he bought it around 13 years ago.

“The land once housed a Shell gas station which was closed and demolished, and Debbie and I purchased the land once it was remediated,” said Purtill. “We just never had a project to work on. “Debbie and I wanted to personally contribute to the appeal, and we came up with this idea. “

Mr Purtill said the original intention was to fully develop the land and build two townhouses, which would then be auctioned off. But he said Deniliquin’s current housing crisis – with little availability of rentals, homes to buy or vacant land to build on – has prompted them to act faster. Services will be connected to the block before it is put up for auction, and prior approval of a subdivision will also be sought – if the successful bidder wishes to go down that route. “Building the units ourselves would have taken too long and we wanted to be able to raise funds now,” Purtill said.

“The block lends itself to a two lot subdivision, but we will be auctioning it as one lot overnight.” real estate agent Lester Wheatley. As a result of these initial discussions, Mr. Wheatley and Elders Real Estate Deniliquin offered their services to assist with the auction.

Mr Wheatley said blocks like the one being auctioned are rare in Deniliquin. The location is first class, close to the bowling and RSL Deniliquin clubs and the Deniliquin golf course. To get a block of this type there, you would first have to demolish a house, which is prohibitive. It is a place of choice for retirees in particular. “It’s big enough for two decent townhouses just over 1,000m, or single-use with a large yard.”

The mega auction was based on the Purtills land supply and is being coordinated by new board member Sam Hall. The auction items will be varied and will include lifestyle experience packages.
Navorina’s fundraising appeal has so far raised $ 340,000 of the million dollars required to modernize the residential services section of the facility, where you will find the hairdresser, paramedical consultation rooms, meeting rooms, a craft room, multimedia centers, a new chapel, a café and visiting areas.

For more information on how you can help, call Navorina’s Fundraising Committee Chair, Justine Keech, on 0427 811 866 or Navorina’s Business Manager, Skye Parks, on 5881 3944.