Sale of Cryptoverse land on Galler NFT

Cryptoverse is a 3D blockchain-based virtual world offering its users the benefit of owning assets while creating and participating in various activities.

Land ownership is the most valuable asset in any Metaverse, and as we speak, Cryptoverse has already announced a public domain GAO sale on the Galler NFT marketplace.

LAND will be limited in the Cryptoverse, giving you exclusive benefits like renting it to others or even using it for profit in the virtual world of the Cryptoverse.

GAO Details

Price & Quantity

  • Small Estate: (20): $5,200
  • Single domain (500): $180

Payment, Channel, Date & Marketplace

After purchasing a virtual real estate property in the Cryptoverse, an ERC-20 Global Claim token will be airdropped to all eligible participants within 30 days of the last LAND sale campaign. Important: Estates tokens will be distributed on Ethereum. Single package tokens will be distributed on Polygon. This token is needed to select your land with the “Land picker tool” via

Be careful!

  • Neither Cryptoverse nor Galler team members or admins will DM you with offers or links not featured in official channels.
  • EARTH is NOT available at this time. Please be on your guard for scammers.
  • Please use the links provided below for all official LAND sales information.

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