Real estate appraisal for Dharani on


The state government has launched the assessment of every state property, both agricultural and non-agricultural, for inclusion in the Dharani Portal, an online platform for accessing all land registers , which will take off on Vijayadasami day.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar issued orders, researching the details of the base value of agricultural and non-agricultural properties that gram panchayats and urban local bodies (ULBs) other than the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and GHMC itself were supposed to provide to the deputy registrar. offices (SRO) for update on Dharani.

Officials said basic property values ​​were not revised after the formation of the state of Telangana. Thus, the values ​​set by the commissions chaired by the prefects in rural areas and the common collectors in the urban local authorities in 2013 would be maintained. The committees revised the values ​​twice a year in combined Andhra Pradesh before 2013. Following orders from Mr. Somesh Kumar, the director of municipal administration N. Satyanarayana asked all municipal commissioners in the state to ensure that district / revenue block sound information about buildings and land has been provided to ORS.

The orders of the chief secretary explained that the government had decided to integrate the basic values ​​of agricultural and non-agricultural properties on the Dharani portal to allow the owners to know them directly without the intervention of anyone.

Value slabs

The current base value of farm properties was largely based on the classification of survey numbers into three categories. Of these, those with potential for conversion to residential sites and those adjacent to major roads received a higher baseline value.

The other survey numbers had a lower base value.

In the case of non-agricultural properties, the current base value was based on door and ward / block numbers.

There were usually two slabs of market value – general value and higher value. Gate numbers that had a higher value were identified and listed separately by the registration service. The remaining properties were given general value.

The Telangana and Dharani State Technology Services team will develop a web application for use by ORS. This will allow ORS to log in, select gram panchayats or ULBs, and enter a base value for each property on Dharani.

For agricultural and non-agricultural properties in gram panchayats, ORS will first record baseline values ​​of those that get higher values ​​due to proximity to highways or other considerations. Then a bulk recording of the general values ​​of the remaining properties will be performed.

The same procedure for recording the base value of non-agricultural properties of high value and general value in ULBs other than GHMC will be followed.

In GHMC zones, the house numbers of neighborhoods / blocks that have higher values ​​will be set with base values. ORS will use the Bulk Record feature to enter the general neighborhood / block value in the remaining house numbers.


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