Potential land sale on Cline Buttes worries Eagle Crest residents

Dozens of people have circled around Juniper and Sage to take a look at prime real estate that is for sale.

They weren’t exactly looking to buy it, but rather to preserve it from possible development.

The 160-acre piece of land, known as Tax Lot 5300, on Cline Buttes west of Redmond is owned by the Oregon Department of Lands.

It is one of many plots, 400 in total, that the agency has listed for possible sale next to the proposed Thornburgh development.

“This will bring development to our fence line,” said Robert Sharpe, board member of the Eagle Crest Homeowners Association.

Map showing the land offered for sale. Courtesy of Robert Sharpe.

Proposed in the mid-2000s, the resort and golf course has been the subject of numerous land use appeals.

Sharpe led residents around the area reporting concerns if the land was sold.

He, and others who live in Eagle Crest, say the possible sale and development would interrupt an important wildlife corridor and cut off popular trails.

“Recreational opportunities will be savagely reduced,” Sharpe added.

Many in the crowd had only recently heard of the sale, and some loudly booed the news that the potential buyer was the developer of the controversial resort.

“There is no justification for creating a contiguous zone for development, it’s just that you are experiencing land grabbing and reduced access to the Cline Buttes Recreation Area,” said said Sharpe.

The State Land Department is hosting a virtual public meeting on March 10, information about the meeting and how to comment on the sale can be found here.