Metaverse Group, headquartered in Decentraland, said on Tuesday it has completed what it calls “the largest Metaverse land acquisition in history.” The subsidiary rounded up 116 packages of Earth “In the heart of the Fashion Street district” in Decentraland. The total size of the land purchased is equivalent toRead More →

Steadfast invests in a company, real estate valuation advice 22 November 2021 Steadfast Group has completed an investment in Robertson & Robertson Consulting Valuers, an independent NSW valuation and advisory firm specializing in business and real estate. The listed brokerage network indicates that it has also set up Steadfast ValuationRead More →

Despite record amounts of payments in recent years, the unclaimed property division of the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office currently holds more money than ever before, with the current amount standing at $ 100 million. Wyoming law states that properties that have reached the required dormancy period must be reported byRead More →

Supervisors in Loudoun County withdrew from negotiations over the hoped-for sale of a historic property in Aldie, where the county had once planned a new fire station before being ousted by community opposition and put back in uncertainty a debate of several years in the community. thought to be solved.Read More →