Pagan announces his candidacy for the position of real estate valuation administrator


Jason Pagan, the current Daviess County Deputy Coroner, has announced his candidacy for the position of Property Valuation Administrator.

“In the spring of 2020, Owensboro was in the middle of the pandemic, and I was informed that the value of my property had skyrocketed,” he said. “In assessing the tax value of my property, I realized that my assessment had increased by 57% ($ 172,050) over a 4 year period with no additions or personal improvements made to the home. It seemed unusual to me until I started researching the county, and realized that my significant increase wasn’t the only one.

Pagan said his next step was education, as he needed to understand how and why these values ​​would have increased to this degree.

“I have spent the past 2 years understanding the details of the property valuation administrator’s office and the extreme attention to detail it takes for consistent and fair appraisals, and have realized that I couldn’t wait for someone to make improvements to these values ​​for me, “said Pagan.” After passing a rigorous exam, I realized I had what it takes to fill the seat of this office and I wrote my name on the 2022 ballot for the property appraisal administrator. ”

Pagan said his current role as Deputy Coroner and his previous leadership experience as a retired Detective Sergeant with Kentucky State Police has given him more than 23 years of experience in leadership and the ability to “empower current assistant property valuation administrators and office workers to excel in their positions.”

“I will ensure that all receiving books, disbursement books and bank reconciliation records are accurate and complete,” said Pagan. “I will confirm that all city payments to PVA are obtained and all cities have been billed.”

He said he would maintain a strict budget and meet all deadlines for budget amendments, citing an accounting and finance background while working at the National Bank of Owensboro and Area Bancshares Corporation as head of fund management.

“I am a proven leader and will do my best to ensure that the citizens of Daviess County are treated with the utmost respect and compassion when interacting with the PVA office,” he said. “I promise to run the office more efficiently and professionally and save taxpayers money at the same time.”

Pagan stressed the importance of transparency and fairness, as well as a strong working relationship with other members of the board and the importance of attention to detail.

“I am originally from Owensboro and a caring member of this community,” he said. “I have served my community for 30 years as a public servant and I am proud to raise my family here, where we are members of St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church. “

Pagan holds an Associate’s Degree from Owensboro Community and Technical College. He is a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a current member of Team Berger, a 1,000 yard competitive shooting team. He is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Dogwood Azalea Neighborhood Alliance and Ducks Unlimited.

“As a resident of Daviess County, I really hope you realize the impact of your home’s value, and my goal is to make life in Daviess County more affordable for the ordinary citizen,” said Pagan.