NY Thruway Authority Approves Rye Country Day Land Sale

RYE, NY — Rye Country Day School announced Monday that the New York State Thruway Authority has voted to approve the sale of an approximately 9-acre parcel of land for the school.

The school said it plans to develop the plot, which is across Boston Post Road from campus, into sports fields and facilities that will be available to students and the public. Plans for the plot have not been finalized, but proposals include a combination of indoor and outdoor facilities for football, lacrosse, track and field, basketball and other sports, according to the school. The plans also include open spaces, catwalks and parking lots for spectators.

“This is a win-win situation for RCDS and the surrounding community,” school principal Scott Nelson said in a statement announcing the agreement. “We are delighted to be creating additional and much needed sports facilities for the use of RCDS and young people in and around the Rye and Port Chester areas, in particular the fast-draining artificial turf pitches for football use. local, lacrosse and other RCDS has a long history of successfully partnering with youth sports groups in our community, including Rye Youth Soccer, Rye Youth Lacrosse and Rye City Schools, and we believe the facilities being considered will benefit families of Rye and Port Chester and surrounding areas for generations to come.”

The final development plan will be determined by the Rye Country Day School Board of Directors. School officials hope that the project will be completed and the facilities will be ready for the 2024-2025 school year. The purchase and development of the land will be fully funded by the school as part of a future fundraising campaign, school officials said.

“The transaction announced today represents a significant financial undertaking on the part of RCDS, but which we believe will bring long-term benefits to RCDS as well as our neighboring communities,” said Leigh Geller, Chairman of the Board of administration of Rye Country Day School. “Additional sports facilities are an important need for RCDS, the Town of Rye, Port Chester and other surrounding communities, and we are pleased to be able to support the creation of modern, state-of-the-art pitches and areas. indoor playground that will serve future generations of local athletes.We are also excited to expand our partnerships with local youth groups and allow them to use these new facilities at little or no cost.

Approval from the Thruway Authority means the school can now purchase the plot for $5.16 million. The cost to develop the property is currently estimated at approximately $30 million. The new facilities will be made available to the public by the school approximately 30% of the time, under a shared use agreement passed by the New York State Legislature.

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Nelson said the move will help make the school whole after losing part of its campus when the nearby stretch of New England Thruway was built decades earlier.

“The construction of I-95 dramatically reduced the size of RCDS sports fields over 60 years ago,” Nelson said. “The transaction announced today will restore our ability to create much-needed facilities for the benefit of our students and families across the region.”