nashik: land assessment of the Nashik-pune railway project by the end of March | Nashik News

Nashik: Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has requested government authorities to announce the valuation of land plots to be acquired or purchased from farmers under the private negotiations for the Nashik-Pune railway project in here at the end of March.
Pawar chaired a meeting on the Pune-Nashik semi-rapid railway project which will link the districts of Nashik, Ahmednagar and Pune. “During the meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar asked us to announce the assessment by the end of February in villages where people are willing to cooperate, and by the end of March in all others. villages,” said Nashik collector Suraj Mandhare.
The 235 km semi-rapid railway project passes through Ahmednagar district before entering Pune. With 24 stations, the project aims to reduce travel time to less than two hours. The track connects seven villages in Nashik and 15 villages in Sinnar talukas of Nashik district and more than 250 hectares are to be acquired. The land will be purchased from the farmers through private negotiations, after which the farmers will not be able to challenge the valuation of the land. In case the farmers are not ready to sell the land, it will be acquired and the farmers will be allowed to challenge the valuation.
District administration officials said joint land measurement was carried out and complaints and objections were raised by the farmers. These have been settled. “Complaints and objections have been resolved. Once the land value has been announced, farmers can send their objections to the administration. They will be sorted out of court,” another senior officer said.
Regarding the farmers’ opposition to the land acquisition process, the officer said that all questions and objections have been resolved by the administration. There may be some who still have doubts, and they can seek help from the administration, he said.