Metadams NFT project on Cardano is ready to launch a land sale

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On March 5, 2022, Metadams will hold a land plot sale on the Cardano blockchain. The company has announced that 4317 plots of land will be available for purchase, of which 2115 will be airdropped for holders of NFT Collection: “Prime Beavis”. Whitelisted members will be able to start knocking at 21:00 UTC on March 4. 24 hours before public sales. Whitelisted members will be able to purchase up to 4 lots. Public currency starts on the 5th at 21:00 UTC. “This is a groundbreaking event in the world of blockchain and digital real estate on the Cardano blockchain,” according to Vitaliy.

In the Metadams play-to-stake game, players can own their own land to power their game. The more land players own, the more power sources they can get and the more ADA can be generated. Players can also use their lands to customize their homes and furniture.

Metadams offers a new way to play games. In this game, players will have to manage energy sources, which represent staked ADAs, in order to generate rewards over time. Different types of energy sources offer different base reward rates. Players can also increase their reward rate by performing maintenance actions on items. This new approach provides players with a gaming experience that is both fun and exciting for everyone.

Players can now stake their ADA on Metadams. This allows players who have Cardano (ADA) to delegate it through a staking pool and earn a reward for it. The pool then distributes 100% of its rewards into the player-specified wallet, giving them instant access to withdraw from their account based on in-game winnings.

This system is designed to ensure that the rewards earned in the pool match the rewards players can withdraw in-game. Metadams does not take any fees on staking, which makes this system possible.

Metadams does not derive any revenue from staking. The company’s goal is to strengthen the Cardano community by gamifying the staking process. Metadams has brought together some of the best partners in the Cardano ecosystem to enrich its universe and make it more fun and engaging for users. With Metadams, anyone can participate in staking and help support the network. Through its partnerships, Metadams offers a variety of rewards to users who stake their ADA. Metadams partnered with Chilled Kongs, Muesli swap, Ledgity, Liquid, Cardax, Epoch art, Smart chain, Cardanians, Rats dao, Ardano.

Metadams Communications Manager, Benjamin announced that the company is getting ready to release its multiplayer mode in March 2022. In an interview with JCrypto Youtuber and Cardano enthusiast, he explained that they are still working on some issues but otherwise everything should be ready by then. He also shared his thoughts on what he would like to see in future updates from the company, explaining the role of the Prime Beaviz NFT Collection.

In order to use the Play-To-Stake feature, players must own their land at Metadams. This will allow both entry and winning in the game. Land ownership is a key part of the Metadam experience and is necessary for players to participate in the game economy.

First beaviz NFT by metadams

Prime Beaviz are Alpha Passes, which will give exclusive access to Metadam’s Alpha and future game perks. This upgrade gives players a chance to enjoy the game at an earlier stage of development and also get perks such as special items or currency.

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