List of illegal settlements to check before registering land sale in Mohali | Chandigarh News

Mohali: The Department of Income Rehabilitation and Disaster Management (DRRDM) ordered the housing and urban development departments and the local government not to register any deeds of sale of property or land without verifying the list of legal and illegal settlements. The local government department has also been tasked with posting the list of legal and illegal settlements in the public domain.
The DRRDM has issued a notification in this regard following the speaking order of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, said Mohali’s additional deputy commissioner (ADC) Pooja Sayal. She said she had already prepared a report on illegal constructions in Zirakpur, which will soon be sent to the office of Deputy Commissioner, Mohali. A demolition campaign will be undertaken in accordance with other directions, she said.
The notification in this regard was issued by Vijay Kumar Janjua, Chief Special Secretary-Financial Commissioner of Punjab on the instructions of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana after the approval of the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Minister of Finances.
In his orders, he said: “The department should not insist on obtaining a certificate of conformity before registering a bill of sale as this would cause unnecessary harassment to the general public. However, it is also necessary to prevent the haphazard growth of unplanned and illegal settlements in the Punjab. Therefore, the Departments are hereby ordered that before registering any act of transfer, the lists published on the portal of this Department, containing the authorized and unauthorized settlements as well as the Khasra numbers, can be examined.
The order further read: “This department would issue a notification under Section 19-A (1) (C) of the Registration Act describing the list of legal and illegal settlements as well as Khasra numbers.” . Only in the event that the property whose transfer is requested is within the Khasra Number of Unauthorized Settlements, registration should be refused in accordance with section 19-A (1) (C) of the Law on the record. The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the local government will also publish the list of legal and illegal settlements on their websites and send a copy to this department as well. This will comply with section 20 (3) of the Punjab Apartments and Property Regulation (Amendment) A of 2014. The list of legal and illegal settlements must be notified under section 19-A (1) (C) of the Registration Act. and also published on the website.
Mohali takes action against illegal structures
To control illegal constructions in Zirakpur, the Mohali administration is ready to take corrective measures by demolishing the illegal structures. Mohali’s Additional Assistant Commissioner (ADC) Pooja Sayal said a detailed report had been prepared to lead the campaign to demolish illegal structures in Zirakpur. The action will begin after the approval of Mohali DC.