Land sale brings Mayo’s first data center closer

Councilor Jarlath Munnelly, who shared the photo on the site on social media today, praised the good news for Killala.

The development of the first data center in the West of Ireland has taken a step forward with the approval of the sale of land near the former Asahi site in Killala.

AVAIO is the originator of the proposed data hub, which has the capacity to be a transformative project for Mayo and the West.

Mayo County Council officials have approved the sale of two lots to AVAIO. Under the terms of the sale, the company must apply for a planning permission on the first plot by next October.

The company is committed to engaging with the community before submitting a development application, which was well received by councilors.

Local councilor Jarlath Munnelly, at the monthly council meeting, said the project has huge potential for Mayo and the West of Ireland, and in particular the Killala region.

Under the terms of the sale, he proposed that the Glebe House – Dr Kathleen Lynn’s birthplace – not be sold, and the developer is keen to support local efforts to safeguard its future.

Part of the land will also be kept at the Killala wastewater treatment plant to allow for future expansion.

The developers also support the Killala Community Trust.

Councilor Michael Loftus hailed the project as “a game changer” for Killala, noting that the construction phase could employ between 750 and 1,000 people.

The relevance of the site was commented on by Councilor Mark Duffy, with the transatlantic cable and a large number of renewable energy projects being developed in the region that can provide the necessary electricity.