Every year, thousands of immigrants choose to settle in Montreal to build their future. Of course, any migration process, whether it’s from another country or province in Canada, comes with the expense and the expense that can sometimes be difficult for newcomers and their families.

Rather than begin this new beginning in a precarious economic situation, did you know that it is possible to ease this big transition by using fast money loan options?

In this article, we will discuss some opportunities for newcomers to obtain a loan of money in Montreal.

Get a loan of money in Montreal when you emigrate to Canada

Get a loan of money in Montreal when you emigrate to Canada

If you arrive in the beautiful metropolis from another Canadian province, personal loans online such as those offered by NCR Loans can be a simple, fast and effective way to obtain amounts up to $ 1000.

In order to benefit from it, you just need to fill out an application for a fast loan online!

In general, to qualify for this type of loan, you must be a Canadian resident and receive the services of a chartered bank located in Canada.

By choosing NCR Loans for a cash advance, you will not be subject to a credit check. This is therefore an option of choice for individuals whose credit rating has been affected by financial contingencies such as the loss of a job for example.

By using our services, you will not have to wait long before knowing if your application has been approved. Once your request is accepted, the funds will be transferred directly into your bank account, within 24 hours of acceptance of the request.

Get a loan of money when emigrating from abroad

Get a loan of money when emigrating from abroad

For new Canadians, those who emigrate from abroad and do not have permanent residency status, access to a loan may be more difficult.

Indeed, most banking institutions and private lending institutions require that applicants be resident Canadians and have been in the same job for some time to qualify for an urgent money loan.

On the other hand, you could apply for a credit card and use the funds available to pay the important costs of your arrival in Montreal.

Obviously, you will have to return the sums acquired by this loan. It is therefore recommended to plan a repayment plan and respect it as faithfully as possible to improve your credit rating, which is useful once the residence acquired.

Note that the interest charges associated with borrowing on a credit card accumulate as soon as you make your first transaction, and they will stop growing the day when all of your debt has been paid.

Also note that even when making the minimum payments, the interest charges are calculated on the total amount of your loan and not on the amount remaining repayable.

In conclusion

In conclusion

As you can see, obtaining a loan requires a number of Canadian specificities such as permanent residence, holding a Canadian bank account, or having been in employment for some time.

In the case of non-permanent residents, solutions exist such as credit cards issued by banks, which can facilitate the move to Montreal lands.

If you have any questions about personal loans, visit our FAQ section or contact us directly, our team will be happy to answer them.