How to appeal the 2022 property assessment and/or classification

If owners disagree with their assessment, they are encouraged to follow these steps to begin the appeal process:

  • Contact the Olmsted County Assessor’s office.
    • Gather documents to support your opinion. Examples include a recent appraisal, recent sale of a similar property, recent change in income, etc.
    • Dial 507-328-7670.
    • Visit the Assessor’s office located at 151 4th Street SE in Rochester, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  • If owners are not satisfied after their discussion with the Olmsted County Assessor’s office, they are encouraged to attend the appropriate meeting of their Local Appeal and Equalization Board (LBAE) or meeting at open book indicated on their assessment notice. These meetings are virtual, and will be held between Monday April 11, 2022 and Wednesday April 20, 2022. Access the Olmsted County website and select “If the issue is not resolved” for more information on meeting dates and times and how to access virtual meetings.
  • Attend the County Board of Appeal and Equalization (CBAE) meeting on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Owners must have attended a local board of appeal meeting (if offered in their jurisdiction) prior to attending. to attend the county appeal board. If your jurisdiction has an open book meeting, you can appeal directly to the county appeal board.
  • A property owner’s final avenue of appeal is to petition the Minnesota Tax Court. Tax petitions may be filed after receipt of the assessment notice and before April 30 of the year the taxes are payable (2022 assessed value appeals may be filed with the Minnesota Tax Court until April 30, 2023). For more information, visit the Minnesota Tax Court website or call 651-539-3260.

For more information on property assessments, including home value, estimated market value, and how to appeal an assessment, please visit Olmsted County website or call 507-328-7670.