House prices: The ‘fail’ garden that can slash your property valuation by £6,000

Home prices continued to soar throughout March, but for those selling their property, paying attention to the details could make all the difference. According to new research from construction and renovation experts at Megastore roofsome key ‘garden failures’ could devalue your property by up to £6,000.

Damaged decking – potential write down of £5,610

Waste or debris in the garden – potential write-down of £5,554

Fences broken – potential write-down of £5,384

North facing garden – potential write down of £5,318

Dead trees or plants – potential write-down of £5,215

Invasive weeds in driveways and borders – potential write-down of £5,155

Pond – potential write down of £5,061

Children’s play equipment and toys throughout – potential value reduction of £5,025

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Forgetting to clean the roof of your conservatory or orangery could leave potential buyers running for the door, with a huge potential drop in value of £6,140, ​​according to research.

Likewise, you could suffer a loss of almost £6,000 if you forget to repair a garden wall that is in poor condition.

With summer approaching and many people realizing the benefits of having outdoor space after the closings of the previous two years, having a lawn is essential for many buyers.

Roofing Megastore claims properties with private green space could see their selling prices rise to as much as £5,871.

Any wear and tear on the exterior of your property could also cause your sale price to drop.

Paying attention to broken gutters, old decks, cracked patio tiles and broken fences can also make all the difference.

Even if you don’t have a particularly green thumb, it’s also worth going into the garden for some basic mowing and pruning.

Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director of Roofing Megastore comments: “Maintaining your garden is so important because moldy roofs, damaged terraces and broken gutters can all significantly reduce the value of your home.

“Not only can a neglected garden be a health hazard and unappealing to look at, but often basic maintenance or tinkering is all that’s needed to fix many of the issues that put off buyers the most.”