Hospitality files to be completed for the third term as property valuation administrator


Rachel Pence Foster has applied for a third term as Daviess County Property Assessment Administrator.

“I was hired as an assistant in the PVA office in March 2002 and have been your PVA since December 2013,” she said. “The past few years have been an honor and a privilege. “

The office is responsible for finding, listing and appraising all real estate in Daviess County.

“I have taken a transparent approach to property value by offering a free website to the public,” said Foster. “In addition to the free website, we always answer our phones with a live person and treat everyone fairly and equitably. “

Foster has lived in Daviess County most of his life and first set foot in the PVA office at the age of 10, helping his father with his surveying business.

Foster graduated from Daviess County High School in 1994, Owensboro Community & Technical College in 1996, and Western Kentucky University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree. In addition, she obtained her Certified Kentucky Assessors designation in 2016 and Senior Kentucky Assessors in 2012.

Foster is a current member of the Owensboro Noon Rotary Club (President 2017/2018), Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary), Impact 100 member for several years, former member of MLES PTO (President 2013-2015), former member of board of trustees of The Empowerment Academy, former member of the board of directors of the Center for Renewable Energy Research and Environmental Stewardship Board, Colonel of Kentucky, former member of the legislative committee of the PVA Association and proud member of the Walnut Memorial Baptist Church.

She is married to David Shea McWherter. Together they have four daughters and a granddaughter. Foster is a registered Republican.