Government Simplifies Land Valuation Under CARP

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) have simplified procedures and documentation requirements to expedite the conduct of field surveys and land valuation activities for properties covered by the Program Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

DAR Secretary Bernie Cruz said the challenge of completing the Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD) process in the remaining private farmland has been a recurring issue in the implementation of CARP.

“Current operational developments at the agency have required the DAR to incorporate amendments that have resulted in the streamlining of the LAD process,” he said Sunday.

Cruz said the LAD’s streamlined procedural changes under Administrative Order No. 1 will ultimately expedite the distribution of land to land reform beneficiaries (ARBs).

“Under the AO, the Joint Field Investigation Team (JFI) of DAR and LBP shall conduct field investigations based on the Approved Investigation Plan (ASP) or preliminary investigation (AdvSP) to verify the information contained in the claim files which will serve as the basis for the valuation of the land property in question,” he said.

He said the LBP will provide the value of fair compensation based on the Land Survey Report (FIR) and the ASP or AdvSP of the land property in question.

“Once the property valuation is completed, the LBP will prepare and send the valuation memorandum, together with the property valuation worksheet, to the Provincial DAR Office (DARPO) for the preparation of the valuation notice and land acquisition,” he said.

Cruz said the LBP will deposit the compensation proceeds, in cash and land reform bonds, upon receipt of the landowner’s compensation deposit order along with a copy of DARPO’s ASP. The LBP issues the Certificate of Deposit (COD) within three bank working days of the deposit.

“The COD, ASP and other necessary documents will serve as the basis for the Registry of Deeds (ROD) to cancel the landowner’s title to the property covered by CARP, in the event of full coverage. It will also issue a Transfer of Title Certificate (TCT) or Original Title Certificate (OCT) in the name of the Republic of the Philippines (PR) and issue a title for the retained area, upon presentation of the Owner’s Duplicate (ODC) of the title of the owner,” he added.

Cruz said the LBP will process the claim file, until the assessment memorandum is issued, within 20 days of receiving the complete documents.