Frustration over new property appraisal rates


Editor – The community of Ekurhuleni must be extremely disappointed with the outrageous rise in municipal assessment rates.

Most property rates appear to have increased by 200,000 rand per property on average, an increase of about 30%.

This will result in a significant increase in most monthly property rate payments.

Even more upsetting is that the deadline to oppose or appeal the new valuation rates was June 18, when most residents have, by that date, not even received any official notification of the new rates.

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We eventually found out that the new review rates can be found on the Ekurhuleni website – a great help for those without a computer, smartphone or internet access.

So what about the allocation of free water of 6 kl to units with a valuation of 750,000 rand or less? Apparently, this value will not change – it means that there will be many who will lose this advantage.

What do residents receive in exchange for their real estate rates: regular power cuts, water cuts, sporadic garbage collection, potholes in the streets, as well as a general lack of maintenance of infrastructure.

The Kempton Park CBD is a good example of dirt and rot.

I live in a 20 unit townhouse complex – a typical example is a particular unit with an area of ​​105 sqm paying R 480,000 for new ownership rates, while the neighbor living in an almost identical unit of 106 sqm pays 1,000,000 R. How can this be?

There are three other similar cases in our complex – who did the municipality employ to make such disastrous mistakes?

Most real estate agents use a program called Lightstone to get the latest sale values ​​of similar properties in the neighborhood. This will give a fairly accurate market value for most properties.

Through a real estate agent, I determined that the re-appraisal of most of the units in our townhouse complex is much higher than the Lightstone Market Value Report.

Then we are told that the objection appeal date has expired, and that’s it!

I think the whole community should file a class action lawsuit against the municipality of Ekurhuleni regarding the new property appraisals.
Who can help?
Bill smith

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