Former Malili Ranch President Admits Approving Ksh1B’s Fraudulent Land Sale

Former Malili Ranch Chairman David Ndolo Ngilai admitted on Thursday that he signed a land sale and transfer agreement leading to a fraudulent Ksh 1 billion sale to the government for the Malili Ranch development project. Konza city.

Ngilai said he approved the sale of the 5,000 acres of land to the Ministry of Information and Communication between February 2, 2009 and January 11, 2010 without a shareholder resolution.

In cross-examination, Geoffrey Obiri and Vincent Monda, the first defendant, admitted having signed the land transfer agreement when they knew that the government had purchased the said land.

He said the government compensation fund of KSH 1 billion for land acquisition to develop the tech city was received through lawyer Erick Mutua’s account.

Ngilai said the ranch board members approved the payment of Ksh 28 million as legal fees and other payments for appraisers hired to appraise the property of those who settled and developed the earth without the resolution of the members.

David Ndolo Ngilai, Leonard Kyania Kitua and Julius Mbau Nzyuko face six counts of conspiracy to defraud, theft of Kshs 553,831,731.15 representing the proceeds of the sale of the ranch land and breach of trust in the sale of land without shareholder resolution.

The prosecution presented 31 witnesses to prove the charge against the three directors of Malili Ranch Limited.

The defense hearing continues before the Milimani Anti-Corruption Court, Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi.