F-NFT Fractional Virtual Metaverse Earth Auctions at Optimum Treasury

“Optimum Treasury allows everyone to own land in the metaverse. Members will own fractional premium F-NFT virtual metaverse lands, a fraction on a platter for a fraction of the price.

With the Optimum Treasury NFT private sale looming, things are heating up. Prices for virtual metaverse land continue to rise, making it increasingly difficult for the average crypto-enthusiast user to gain access to the virtual property ladder. Optimum Treasury offers fractions of popular NFT metaverse lands such as sandbox & decentraland for auction at affordable prices. To gain access to the auctions, users will need to stake OPT tokens, which results in guaranteed allocation weights in the auctions.

Witnessing the achievements of Optimum Trésorerie in such a short time shows the potential of this project. The first round of F-NFT metaverse virtual land auctions will begin after the official launch of the Optimum Treasury NFT collection ends. Optimum Treasury F-NFT Fractional Land Auctions will require members to stake OPT tokens to gain access to the auctions. The OPT token is Optimum Treasury’s native virtual land auction token that powers this ecosystem. There are 4 entry levels of staking level, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each level of staking gives participants a guaranteed allocation weight in virtual land auctions. This ensures that Optimum Treasury virtual auctions redistribute assets fairly to the community. Another great thing to note about this project is that Optimum Treasury Collection NFTs can be staked to earn additional OPT tokens. This form of OPT token reward system will be exclusive to only holders of the official NFT card collection, which drops in February. which is pretty cool.

Optimum Treasury DAO (OTM) tokens can be staked using the OTM DAO staking system they created. With this ecosystem, the hype surrounding NFTs and the metaverse, Optimum Treasury seems poised for success in the near future and beyond. The Optimum Treasury NFT Private Investor Sale begins on 10 Feb 22 at 12:00 UTC. There’s a lot of interest in this project, so to avoid disappointment and miss out on this Private Investor Sale, check the team on discord for live updates or be on Optimum’s official NFT currency page Treasury on February 10, 2022.

Users will need a metamask wallet configured for Polygon Matic’s RPC to participate, as this NFT sale will take place on the Polygon Matic blockchain.

For more information on how to participate in this event or for updates on the NFT Private Sale, visit the official website www.optimum.cash

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