Dvision Network to Launch Third LAND Sale on Shopify Using Both Polygon Network and BNB Chain

Camana Bay, Grand Cayman–(Newsfile Corp. – April 18, 2022) – Dvision Network has announced the third sale of TERRAIN which will be conducted on both the Polygon Network and the BNB Channel. The most exciting aspect of the third LAND sale is that 50% of available LAND NFTs will be sold through the Shopify marketplace. Additionally, pre-minted LAND NFTs on Polygon Network will be accessible on Shopify for purchase with credit cards, while pre-minted LAND NFTs on BNB Chain will be accessible on Dvision Marketplace for purchase with DVI tokens.

Dvision Network to launch third sale of TERRAINS

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The third sale of LAND officially includes the meta-cities of Berlin and San-Paulo, which are the fifth and sixth cities in the pipeline of cities connected by Dvision World. As such, the LAND sale will be conducted on April 19, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. KST.

Understanding LAND NFT

Naturally, it is important that investors understand in advance what they are getting into. “LAND” refers to the digital real estate that can be obtained. Not only that, but this real estate is also fully customizable within Dvision Metaverse. In a nutshell, Dvision World can be considered the main gateway to every Meta-City. Each city in turn is made up of multiple metaspaces, and the best thing about it is that users always have full control. Additionally, any user who owns LAND will also have the ability to customize and provide content if they wish, which will go into their respective metaspace.

So far, two sales of LAND have already taken place. While the first LAND sale was only backed by the Binance smart chain (BEP-721) and the second LAND sale was only made on the Polygon network, the third LAND sale is looking to seize the lead by leading selling on both channels, greatly increasing accessibility.

It is also important to work alongside notable companies and organizations in this sector. Dvision has therefore teamed up with various essential partners in this project to prepare for the third LAND Sale which, like any other notable initiative, has involved many obstacles to overcome in order to succeed in the sale. Additionally, Shopify will not actively participate in the sale, as it only acts as a typical marketplace and nothing more. Dvision has nevertheless obtained the Shopify Plus merchant certification in order to make the whole event possible through the Shopify NFT Beta program.

More details on the third LAND sale

The very first Meta Cities were London, Tokyo, New York and Seoul, the total number of cities being 20. In the third LAND sale, Dvision fans can expect the launch of Sao Paulo and Berlin, the fifth and sixth cities in the World Division.

In terms of sales, the first LAND auction sold 5,800 lots in Seoul and New York (PARCEL), while the second sold 4,600 lots in Tokyo and London. With this in mind, the third sale will offer approximately 3,800 NFT lots in the primary market.

For those interested in participating, there are two main methods to participate in TERRAIN’s third sale. They can either do this through the Dvision Marketplace, where they can find Berlin LAND NFTs which will be BNB chain-based NFTs and can be acquired by DVI (BEP-20) tokens, or they can acquire Berlin LAND NFTs Sao Paulo which will be obtainable through the Shopify-based Polygon Network marketplace using credit cards, such as PayPal or Coinbase Commercials. Berlin LAND NFTs will be 2,035 lots while Sao Paulo LAND NFTs will be 1,783 lots .

Key partnerships

Dvision has partnered with the Pacifiq IQ team to prepare the Shopify Marketplace for the 3rd LAND sale. As for why Pacific IQ was chosen, the independent consultancy was founded in 2016 and specializes in Shopify cloud-focused e-commerce, marketing, and ERP solutions. With their expertise, the Pacific IQ team was therefore responsible for all Shopify-related tasks, which included the configuration of the NFT product, the implementation of the payment gateway and even the design of the UX / UI . The Pacific IQ team is also largely responsible for producing the venue where the third LAND sale will take place using the Shopify platform.

Dvision Network is also a long-standing essential partner of Curvegrid, which provides Dvision with a bridging solution that currently supports Dvision’s multi-channel functionality and is therefore of utmost importance. Curvegrid’s NFteapot Shopify app allows Shopify merchants and integration experts like Pacific IQ to quickly add NFT functionality to their stores. The program also makes it easier for consumers to manage the blockchain-oriented components of NFT purchase procedures, as it manages them automatically.

About the Dvision Network

The Dvision network is a blockchain-based NFT metaverse network that strives to be the best in the business. Dvision Network creates a state-of-the-art metaverse environment using its own VR technology, lowering the barriers to entry for all kinds of users around the world. For this reason, it allows designers, businesses, and general users to immerse themselves in a truly dynamic metaverse experience. For more news and regular updates, be sure to check Dvision’s website and Twitter, Medium, and Telegram channels.

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