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LEWISTOWN – Mifflin County Commissioners met Thursday morning to discuss matters relating to new county business. Mark Sunderland joined the group via telecommunications.

The commissioners discussed at length the sale agreement with Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries to sell the land of Ohesson Manor Property.

Commissioner Robert Postal explained, “In 1976, then Mifflin County entered into a 99-year lease agreement for the 26 acres on which Ohesson Manor and its cottages now sit. This lease was $1 per year for 99 years. It is still in effect.

Diakon asked to buy the land instead of renting it to help with financing and overall operations. The motion on the table was to accept $750,000 for the purchase price of approximately 26 to 28 acres.

The board voted 2-1, with the dissenting vote coming from Kodish.

Commissioner Kevin Kodish explained his dissent, saying: “I understand the reasons for the exception, but my problem is the price. We got an appraisal of $1.2 million for the land, and the offer is $750,000. I thought they could have do a little better than that. In my mind, I’d like to see them get a little closer to that $1.2 million. That’s all I’m saying.

Postal respectfully disagreed, saying, “It is difficult to predict the future. We know what’s on the table now.

Sunderland intervened, “The $750,000 was their second offer. The first offer was for $100,000. That said, $750,000 at 1% with no compounding equals $7,500 per year. »

Sunderland have expressed concerns that if they continue to counter offers, Diakon could stick to renting the ground for the next 46 years at $1 a year.

They also heard from Nicholas Wolfkiel regarding the expansion of the adult treatment court agreement with Clear Concepts Counseling, not to exceed $9,725, through September 29 of this year, which was unanimously approved. .

One Dog at a Time (ODT) manager Kari Coble was there to advocate for funding and community support for the nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal relief organization. .

coble said, “We don’t have an animal shelter in our county at all, so when there’s an animal in need in our county, there’s nowhere to go. Imagine getting up every day and coming here, thinking about how you are going to raise money to support the working families here.

coble said, “Imagine that. This is what I have to do every day. I didn’t want to start an animal rescue, but here we are, and honestly, there’s such a need in the community.

Coble continued, “We take care of any animal owned, including cats, dogs, horses, cows and chickens.”

Coble also said the ODT works for free with all police departments. The board thanked her for her dedication and for the work she and her volunteers do and agreed to consider her requests.

Commissioners voted to approve the following bill payments:

¯Accounts payable in the amount of $758,208.01

¯Payroll in the amount of $429,749.08

Telephone account ¯911 in the amount of $10,799.10

¯ Community development block grant accounts in the amount of $1,913.76

¯LEPC account in the amount of $614.23

¯Liquid fuel accounts in the amount of $73.78

Mifflin County Treasurer Diane Griffith joined the commissioners to report on finances Feb. 16-March 1. She began, “We have a general account starting balance of $335,207.24.”

Total deposits for the period were $1,383,184.46. “We agree with the bills read by the Postal Commissioner.”

In other matters, the board voted for:

¯Approve a request for exemption from the 2022 County Property Tax Bill and exempt the Tax Collector from collecting a bill for $18,466.67 on Parcel No. 17.14-0400A in the Township of Granville. There is a payment in lieu of taxes agreement in place.

¯Approve a short-term rental agreement with the Lewistown Armory for Election Day May 17 at no charge.

¯Adopt the assessment fee schedule

¯Approve purchase of service agreement with Leslie McNemar for tax advice and consultant as needed for children and youth at $70 per hour.

¯Certify cost allocation plan

¯ Authorize signature card changes on the Mifflin County Records Improvement Fund and Register and Orphan Automation accounts with Kish Bank and authorize the President to sign all necessary documents.

¯Approve tenders for the relocation of Family Relations Services by Mid-State Construction Inc in the amount of $171,681.90.

¯Acknowledge the resignation of Deputy Coroner Alan Kratzer effective February 15.

¯Acknowledge the resignation of part-time correctional officer April Vodopija effective February 19.

¯Acknowledge the resignation of part-time Corrections Officer Dakota Wileman effective February 24.

¯Acknowledge the resignation of Child and Youth Tax Supervisor Jennifer Hepner effective March 11.

¯Approve the hiring of Kaitlyn Xanthopoulos as Income Stability Coordinator effective March 11th.

¯Approve the hiring of Whitney Yohn as Chief Financial Officer of Human Services effective March 22.

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