Coreco to provide Hometrack property valuation reports to its clients


Information, appraisal and automation provider Hometrack onboarded mortgage broker Coreco as the latest company to use its Property Appraisal Reports (PVRs).

Hometrack’s PVRs provide relevant information reports to help better advise the client base and meet individual needs.

The Residential Real Estate report includes an assessment of Hometrack’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM), local market trends, comparable properties, and recent market sales.


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Andrew Montlake, Managing Director of Coreco, said: “Coreco is delighted to partner with Hometrack to provide our clients with a bespoke residential real estate report.

“These can really help guide our clients and brokers as to the likely value of the property they are remortgage or looking to buy.

“This allows us to set expectations accordingly and eliminate the prospect of time-wasting valuation drops.

“Customers expect so much more in terms of service and the customer journey these days, and rightly so, and anything brokers can do to make the mortgage experience more satisfying by adding value every step of the way will improve that. “

Spencer Wyer, Vice President, Products and Technology at Hometrack, said, “Brokers rely on efficiency and accuracy, which we will provide to Coreco through our real estate appraisal reports.

“The pandemic has underscored the need to automate the real estate appraisal market, with digital appraisals being the only viable option in times of social distancing.

“As the world is opening up again now, that need for speed has not diminished.

“We look forward to supporting Coreco and its brokers with the most accurate PVRs in the industry and growing our relationship for the future with new and innovative products we are working on for brokers. “


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