Cardano Metaverse Announces Final NFT Land Sale

Global, Metaverse, January 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After two highly demanded Cardano NFT Land sales in October and November 2021, metaverse project has just announced its final Land sale, which will take place from early to mid-February 2022.

This final sale will complete the sales of all 100,000 plots of land, each minted as a unique Cardano NFT with coordinates, which can be located and customized at Eventually, owners will be able to deploy 3D scenes and games to their metaverse plots. The project emphasizes interoperability with other digital domains.

As of this writing, this Cardano metaverse project is only 60% sold, and the last 40,000 lots will go on sale in the coming weeks. Naturally, the team behind the metaverse is taking its time with the final sale after the last land sale resulted in refunds of almost $7,000,000 (USD) due to significant oversubscription.

The Cardano community and indeed the wider crypto space have embraced the project, which is a relative newcomer to the metaverse space, following in the footsteps of Decentraland and Sandbox on the Ethereum chain.

Data from confirms that Pavia Land plot NFTs are one of the most traded NFTs of all time, as the community is keen to claim some of the hottest digital real estate in the wider metaverse. .

The project has been spurred by recent media coverage in CoinDesk, The Sun, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg. However, the team behind the project is keen to point out that the project has a long-term time horizon.

More information about the project can be found on, including links to dynamic Discord and Twitter accounts.


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