Bruton Knowles gets a spot on Citizen Framework property valuation

Bruton Knowles has secured a place in the £800,000 Citizen 2022 framework (0928) to provide vital valuations of development properties over the next four years

Citizen has awarded Bruton Knowles a position on its Citizen Framework property valuation, which will cover Citizen’s 30,000 homes in the West Midlands. Those providing services through the Citizen framework will be based in Birmingham.

Citizen owns and manages a diverse range of residences ranging from urban towers to rural villages and towns. This too offers support services around housing and homelessness.

Bruton Knowles will help Citizen assess the viability of its development and sales needs

Professionals from Bruton Knowles’ national teams – Utilities & Infrastructure, Valuation, Commercial and Building Consultancy – will provide expertise on valuations of new, affordable and open-to-market land and units, helping Citizen determine whether its development requirements and sales for current and future assets provide best value for money.

James Bailey, Managing Partner at Bruton Knowles, said, “We are absolutely delighted to have been selected as one of six suppliers to this highly respected Citizen executive. Their organizational ethos reflects very well our own ambition to work with partners who prioritize social value and seek to give back to society.

“Our role is to ensure that land and property become assets to the people they serve. We look forward to working closely with Citizen to achieve this goal while enabling them to fulfill their own commitments to their communities in the most effective way.

Post-Brexit public procurement reforms should simplify and consolidate practices

With reforms on the horizon for UK procurement practices Following Brexit and government proposals to scrap 350 EU legacy rules, the landscape for organizations like Citizen to buy built environment services will soon become much easier.

The new Public Procurement Bill – due to come into force next year – will provide a unique framework for securing public sector contracts in the future. It will also put more emphasis on creating social value.

Bruton Knowles adheres to the professional standards of a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) responsible business executive provider and the expected reforms offer an even greater opportunity to achieve more balanced outcomes for clients.

James added: “The shift to a more sustainable future must be driven from the top down. Proposed changes to UK procurement rules offer a real chance to embed sustainability at the heart of the process.

“Simplifying the approach will also mean that publicly funded organizations will be able to focus much more on the broader issues that really matter to their communities, as there will be fewer bureaucratic hurdles to jump through.”