24 municipalities benefit from a national assessment and land use planning project

The Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development said the plan aims to improve all poor residential areas in the country in all regions.

The ministry said this in a written response to a question from Special Seats MP Martha Umbula (CCM), who wanted the government to tell parliament what it is doing to help improve poor housing across the country. countries, including the Manyara region.

The lawmaker argued that one of the criteria used to determine the poverty rate is to examine their homes or homes. “In the Manyara region, there are people with mud houses with thatched roofs, most of whom do not meet the standard of living. What is the government doing to help these people across the country? she asked.

In response, the ministry said that in an effort to improve settlements in the country, the government established the National Housing and Construction Research Agency (NHBRA) to conduct research on available building materials in the country, improve them to help build stronger and better homes. .

The government cited ground stabilized bricks and interlocking bricks as examples of good use of improved technology to improve building materials. “Training on these new technologies has been provided to all district councils in the country,” the ministry said.

The ministry explained that the National Housing Corporation (NHC) has provided education and technical support to different groups of young people on how to build good, affordable houses.

“The government calls on people to form housing cooperative groups so that they can be empowered to build good houses at affordable costs using materials researched by the government agency,” the statement said.

He explained that in 2018/19, the government, through the ministry, loaned some 24 councils across the country a total of $ 6.28 billion / – for land planning and assessment, 40,651 plots having been surveyed and the property current.

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